Whatever your story, let’s talk about it. I can help!

Whatever your situation—if something isn’t working or you simply want more—I’ll help you get more light and warmth into your bedroom, deepen your love, and enhance your pleasure and intimacy.

I listen deeply, understand quickly, and connect with my clients.

I’ll learn your stories, talk your language, help you fix what’s challenging you, and expand your own gifts, pleasure, and passion.

For more than three decades, as a licensed marriage therapist and certified sex therapist in Dallas, Texas, I have helped thousands of people understand, enjoy, and share their sexuality with mutual delight. Now I’m bringing that help to individuals and couples all across the country.

For your sexuality to be expressed in a comfortable, safe, and exciting way, you need to learn what might be getting in the way. I’ll provide real-world help to create the kind of sexual expression you both want. It honors and strengthens your relationship, the most important ingredient for sexual satisfaction.

How do you keep THIS? or get it BACK?
How do you keep THIS? or get it BACK?

I believe in cultivating “No-Fault Intimacy!” You can discover reasons for sexual dissatisfaction, disinterest, even dysfunction, without assigning blame.

Your relationship is the most important aspect of sexual satisfaction. You’ll learn how to communicate more clearly and get reconnected in ways that really work for you to promote sensual, intimate sex tailored to your own rhythms and preferences.

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It's a simple, safe and fun guide to putting the joy and passion back into your relationship, and draws on the 30+ years that I have been helping couples find more pleasure in their most important relationships.


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